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oN wednesdays we do clay!

Come along to our Hackney Studio every Wednesday between 11 am - 9:45 pm for our drop in Clay Day.

Drop in is £15  for a short session (up to 2 hours)  £25 for a long session (3 hours + ) or you can subscribe to our Clay Day membership for unlimited access on Wednesday for £70 per month.

Clay Day Drop in sessions include use of tools, clay and glazes and a firing.

Clay Day Membership includes an allocated shelf space plus use of clay, glazes and firing. *

Specialist Clays,  Glazes and tools will be available for purchase. We are saving up for a this space, but for now we can't offer throwing. The sessions won't be taught, but there will be someone knowledgable there to guide you if you need. We will be offering taught workshops with amazingly talented potters so sign up to the mailing list to be kept in the loop.


*Excited about the membership but Wednesdays not you bag? or think you might need more access? get in contact and we can see what we can figure out.